Sunday, September 05, 2010

Morning encounter with J1 & Friends plus a Gray Whale! Sept 4th, 2010

Marine Naturalist, Rachel, give a Bull Kelp talk to our passengers:)

Here are a few images from our terrific morning encounter with J1 & Friends plus a Gray Whale!

We headed out this morning and first encountered members of J, K & L-pod near False Bay. When we first arrived on scene the Orcas were spread out traveling up island and many could be seen actively foraging (hunting for Salmon). We did witness a couple of breached by a male Orca close to shore, which always a delight to witness:)

The Orcas then began to socialize more and we witnessed a number of tailslaps, pectoral waves, tail flukes, spyhops and even porpoising (high speed swimming). The highlight of our trip was close encounters (just over 100yds away) with both J2 "Granny" (the oldest female Orca, estimated to have been born in 1911) and J1 "Ruffles" (the oldest male estimated to have been born in 1951)!

On our way home we also encountered the Gray Whale near Discovery Island and showed out passengers the Seals and marine birds at Chain Islets! It was a wonderful way to start the day:)

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