Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sept 7th, 2010. Gray Whale plus J & L-pod off San Juan!

Here are a few images from this mornings encounters with the Gray Whale off Chateham Island and J & L-pod off San Juan Island.

Our first encounter of the morning was when Marine Naturalist Christa, spotted the Gray Whale in Puget Cove, good eyes Christa! This was the first sighting of the day and so we quickly spread the word that we had found the Gray Whale.

Meanwhile in our office Andrea was listening to the hydrophone at Lime Kiln when she suddenly heard vocalizations! We headed over to Lime Kiln and soon came in contact with J1 and the rest of J-pod plus L-pod:) Well done Andrea, you found he whales for us today!

As we watched the Orcas we saw J1 "Ruffles" chasing a Salmon for a few minutes, it was an awesome sight:)

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