Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sept 4th, 2010. Afternoon adventure with L78, L-pod & a Gray Whale!

Rachel practicing her driving skills on Supercat! Next year we are hoping that Rachel will be one of our Captains and I think she will do a great job:)

Here are a few wonderful images from our afternoon adventure with L78, L-pod & a Gray Whale!

We first encountered members of L-pod a little north of Lime Kiln Lighthouse and we watched in awe as several Orcas Porpoised (high speed swimming) down Haro Strait, it was an incredible sight!

As we continued to follow the Orcas we had some wonderful encounters with several members of L-pod plus a couple of K-pod Orcas including K21 and K40. Our encounters also included a nice pass by L54 "Ino", a female born in 1977, and L78 "Gaia" a large male born in 1989!

On our way home we once again encountered the Gray Whale off Discovery Island, which was a thrill for our passengers. We also stopped off at the Chain Islets to show them the Seals and Marine Birds!

The sun was out and the seas were relatively calm, what better way to spend a Saturday on the final long weekend of the summer:)

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