Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another memorable evening encounter with Jpod! May 23rd, 2009.

The pictures below show various members of Jpod off San Juan Island

Member of Jpod Kelping (playing with Bull Kelp)

Above and the 4 pictures below are of the Dalls Porpoise we found in Haro Strait!

Harbor Seal in a Bull Kelp Field


The famous Empress Hotel

BC Legislative Building

Eagle on Great Chain
A brave Crow tries to distract the Eagle!

Trial Island Lighthouse

Here are just a few images from this evenings encounter with Jpod and Dalls Porpoise, it was another amazing evening on the water. JPod was spread out over a large area tonight but we managed to encounter at least 12 members of Jpod.

There was also a large amount of Dalls Porpoise in Haro Strait that came to investigate our two vessels, Fastcat and Supercat, much to the delight of our passengers.

At Great Chain we also saw a Bald Eagle land on the Cormorant nest, much to the constanation of the many Cormorants and Seagulls nesting on the island. One brave Crow made numerous high speed passes of the Eagle trying to distract the Eagle!

We took our passengers for a tour of Victoria Inner Harbour at the end of our trip and many agreed that it is a most beautiful harbour.

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