Sunday, May 10, 2009

T14 "Pender", Gray Whale and Minke Whale on Mothers Day:) May 10th, 2009.

The picture above and three below are of T14 "Pender", a famous Transient Orca often seen hunting alone in the Salish Sea. It was great to see the old guy again!

Bald Eagle on the rocks near Crescent Bay

This is a second Eagle we saw at Crescent bay with either a snake or Eel in its talons!

The three pictures below show the Gray Whale at Crescent Bay.

Crescent Bay on the Olympic Peninsula.

Steller Sealion

Steller Sealions basking at Race Rocks

Race Rocks and Mt. Olympus

Minke Whale in Haro Strait

Everyone at Five Star Whale Watching would like to wish all the wonderful Mothers a very Happy Mothers Day and what a day it was to be on the water:)

Today Five Star Whale Watching did it again and found 3 different types of Cetaceans. First we found T14 "Pender", a large male Transient Orca, traveling a few miles south of Race Rocks. We had been making our way over to Crescent Bay on the Olympic Peninsula, when Marine Naturalist, Rachel, spotted the large dorsal fin and we soon identified the Orca as T14:) It was a thrill for the crew and passengers alike to see this apex predator move effortlessly through the pacific swells in the Strait of Juan De Fuca.

We then continued over to Crescent Bay where after a few minutes Cpt. Bill spotted the Gray Whale just coming to the surface. The Gray Whale, known as Barney, was in resting mode and being very lethargic this Sunday morning and who could blame him;) As we were watching Barney we also saw two Bald Eagles, including one that flew into the trees with what looked like a snake or Eel.

Our sister vessel "Supercat" found a Minke Whale in Haro Strait, for the fourth straight day, good job crew:)

Another successful day on the water for Five Star Whale Watching and one that all our passengers thoroughly enjoyed!

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