Monday, May 18, 2009

Amazing morning encounter with Jpod south of Sheringham Point:) May 17th, 2009.

New JPod Calf surfing through waves:)
Tail slap

New Calf surfacing
Excited passengers from Spain on Fastcat



We headed out this morning towards Sheringham Point after Ron Bates, MMRG, had earlier received reports that JPod had been sighted near Sooke Harbour heading West. As we arrived on scene there was a thick fog bank but soon lifted and to the delight of our passengers we soon began to see several members of Jpod surfing through the 3-4 ' chop! What an amazing sight to see these Orcas effortlessly move through the waves.

Most of Jpod was travelling in close formation which made it easy to spot the various members including J16, J8, J42, J17, J28, J27 & J26, and most exciting of all the new calf:) This was the first time ths season I have seen Jpod and it was such a thrill to see this amazing family of Orcas again and looking in good health.

What a wonderful way to start the day!

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