Thursday, September 27, 2012

L-pod in the afternoon south of Victoria! Sept 23rd, 2012

By the time we headed out at 2pm with our two vessels full of excited passengers, the Resident Orcas had moved east and were now just a few miles south of Victoria:)

We first encountered L94 "Calypso" with her calf L113 "Cousteau", who was born in 2009. As we watched the two Orcas L94 began to chase after a Salmon! After she shared the Salmon with L113, "Cousteau" began to tail slap.

Next we encountered L85 "Mystery", a male born in 1991 and one of the larger males of the Southern Resident Orcas. We also witnessed him chasing salmon and he two showed off his large tail flukes after catching the Salmon:)

Whilst on scene we also witnessed a number of breaches, which is always spectacular to see!

We also took our guests to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to show them the large number of Sea Lions and Seals that hang out at one of the most beautiful areas on the west coast of Vancouver Island:)

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