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Transient Orcas encountered! Sept 15th, 2012

Making a kill





Nick talks about Bull Kelp

Great Blue Heron

This morning we headed west after receiving a report from a local fisherman that at least 3 Transient Orcas had been spotted neat Sooke heading East.

We encountered the Transient Orcas in Becher Bay and not long after we arrived on scene witnessed a dramatic kill by the Transient Orcas. Transient Orcas are the top "Apex" predator in the ocean and watching them make a kill is like watching a Lion or Tiger make a kill, always exciting!

Ron Bates, from the Marine Mammal Research Group, identified the Transient Orcas as the T10's, which includes T10 a female born in 1963, and her 2 sons, T10B born in 1983 and T10C born in 1999. 

In the afternoon the Transient Orcas had traveled further to the East and we caught up with them a few miles south of Trial Island heading towards the Chain Islands/Discovery Island. We witnessed the three Orcas hunting in the kelp beds at Discovery Island and surprising a nearby Kayaker:)

In the morning we also stopped off at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve and in the afternoon we stopped off at the Chain Islets.

It was another memorable day on the water!

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