Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Transient Orcas near Victoria! Sept 6th, 2012

For the second straight day we encountered Transient Orcas, this time just a little to the south west of Victoria:)

The Transient Orcas were the same group we had yesterday, the T60′s and T2B and we encountered them near Albert Head! We followed the Orcas as they traveled along the shoreline in Esquimalt Lagoon, heading towards Victoria. Our Captain even called Victoria Harbour Patrol to warn them that the Transient Orcas were heading that way.

As the Orcas passed Esquimalt Harbour we headed to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to show our guests the Steller & California Sealions and the Harbor & Northern Elephant Seals. These four different Pinnipeds seem to co-exist at Race Rocks happily and are all potential prey animals for the Transient Orcas.

After spending a nice time at Race Rocks we headed back to the Orcas who were now a little east of Esquimalt Harbour but heading in a south westerly direction. The lighting this afternoon was great and as they passed by Esquimalt Lagoon we got some great photo opportunities.

It was another wonderful day on the water with lots of whales & marine life plus great people to share the adventure with.

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