Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Resident Orcas & playful Dall's Porpoise! Sept 22nd, 2012

Crew & guests watching the Dall's Porpoise below their feet:)

Here are a few images from today's incredible encounter with Resident Orcas and playful Dall's Porpoise!

We encountered the Resident Orcas north of Lime Kiln Whale Park this afternoon and they were moving steadily north as we arrived on scene. The Orcas were spread between Lime Kiln north to Battleship Island and could be seen both by the shoreline and at least 3 miles offshore. As we observed the Resident Orcas travel north we suddenly saw a Mother & Calf chasing a Salmon!

On our way home from a wonderful encounter with the Resident Orcas we spotted some Dall's Porpoise in the middle of Haro Strait. Suddenly the Dall's Porpoise began riding our bow wave, always a thrilling experience, especially on our vessel with access to our bow. These robust Porpoise can reach speeds over 50kph and seem to love bow riding our catamaran vessels more than any vessel in the fleet:) This was one of the few occasions this season we had encountered playful Dall's Porpoise and it was probably the highlight of the trip for many of the guests!

We stopped off at the Chain Islets on our way home and encountered Harbor Seals and a lone California Sealion, which was the perfect end to a wonderful day on the water:)

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