Saturday, September 29, 2012

Minke Whales & playful Dall's Porpoise in the morning! Sept 25th, 2012

Here are a few images from this morning's encounter with Minke Whales and very playful Dall's Porpoise!

We had fog to deal with to the south & west of Victoria this morning so we decided to go east to try and find the Minke Whales and playful Dall's Porpoise we had encountered the previous day. We headed towards Salmon Bank and hit the jackpot with at least 3 possibly 4 Minke Whales encountered. One of the Minke Whales near Cattle Point was feeding in the tide line amongst the hundreds of Sea Birds!

For the second day in a row we also encountered a large number of playful Dall's Porpoise and once again a number of them began to bow-ride our vessel:) They seem to love the Catamaran Hull design more than any of the boats and with our open deck bow, our guests get an experience that is just amazing as these robust Porpoise dart through and around the hulls at speeds up to 50kph! We also encountered the Hybrid Porpoise again today, always a thrill.

Our guests also got to see the large number of Sea Lions at Whale Rocks, many Harbor Seals and at least 200 Harbor Porpoise near Beaumont Shoals!

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