Monday, September 10, 2012

Transient Orcas and Minke Whale encountered! Sept 5th, 2012

We headed out today in calm seas and warm weather with guests hoping to see whales, and they were not disappointed. Less than thirty minutes from leaving the Harbour we were with Transient Orcas south of Constance Bank:) We soon identified the Transient Orcas as the T60's and T2B, 6 Orcas in total! The Orcas had just made a kill and were now in resting/traveling mode slowly moving East. During our time with the Transient Orcas we had a nice encounter with the new Calf  T60F, who was born earlier this year and is looking very healthy. Orcas have a 16-17 month Gestation period and females have 3 calfs on average during their lifetime. However, T60 has now had 4 calfs including at least one male, T60C, born in 2001. Whilst we were watching the Transient Orcas we passed by a very lucky Harbor Seal, usually the main prey of Transient Orcas. We saw more Harbor Seals when we stopped off at the Chain Islets on our way home. On our way to the Chain Islets we also came across a Minke Whale south of Discovery Island. Seeing two species of whale in one trip is always an extra special encounter:)

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