Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Superpod, Superpod south of Victoria! Sept 7th, 2012

What an amazing day, we spent the day with all three pods of Southern Resident Orcas forming a Superpod south of Victoria!

One of the Victoria Clipper vessels encountered the Resident Orcas early this morning on their way from Seattle to Victoria and contacted our office. When we headed out on our 10 am tour the Resident Orcas were near Constance Bank moving west. We had a wonderful encounter with L41 "Mega" who made several Tail Slaps, and L25 "Ocean Sun" who did an amazing Spy Hop!

In the afternoon the Resident Orcas had continued west and were a little south west of Race Rocks when we encountered them. We witnessed some foraging, more tail slaps, and breaching. We also witnessed one male trying to mate with a female and showing "Pink Snake";)

Not only did we have wonderful encounters with the Resident Orcas but we also showed our guests today the incredible wildlife at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, including Harbor Seals, Steller & California Sealions and Northern Elephant Seals.

You just don't get a better day that this:)


Jennifer from Texas said...

Thanks Andrew! It was a wonderful trip, so exciting to see so many Orcas!

Mark & Sue from Oakville said...

Kala Thanks for such an informative and fantastic day! You are right you just don't get a better day than this!!