Thursday, June 07, 2012

J & K-pod in Haro Strait! May 31st, 2012

We had a wonderful encounter today with members of J & K-pod in Haro Strait.

The reports came in early this morning that Orcas had been heard on the Lime Kiln hydrophone and at first it was thought they could be Transient Orcas but they turned out to be calls from Resident Orcas from J & K-pod.

When one of our boats first arrived on scene they were surprised to see that the Orcas were on the western side of Haro Strait, a rare site as the Resident Orcas usually travel along the Eastern side of Haro following the coast line of San Juan Island. The Orcas actually passed by Halibut Island at one stage, a real rarity, and then they started to aim towards Swanson Channel & Turn Point.

Most of the time we were on scene the Orcas were in a beautiful resting formation and swimming in synchronicity:) Watching 40 plus Orcas gracefully swimming together is always a special experience.

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