Wednesday, June 13, 2012

J-pod off Salmon Bank in the afternoon! June 10, 2012


This afternoon the Orcas had already traveled further south towards Salmon Bank and had spread out in search of the Salmon that they feed on. The Orcas were spread out over a wide area, some close to shore whilst others were up to 2 miles off shore.

Not long after we arrived on scene we noticed J27 "Blackberry" playing around with his sister  J31 "Tsuchi". We could see the two Orcas rolling around caressing each other, Orcas are very tactile animals. There was also a number of pectoral and tail slaps as we sat watching this intimate encounter.

We then encountered J28 "Polaris" and her youngster J46 "Star" who was born in 2009. Resident Orcas are very social animals and will stay close to their Mothers and these Matrimonial lines are how the pods are formed.

Unlike the previous day where winds were gusting over 35 knots, today the seas were flat calm and the sun was shining. It was the perfect day to be on the water and our guests were ecstatic at the end of today's tours:)

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