Sunday, June 24, 2012

L-pod encounter in the afternoon! June 18th, 2012

High-speed Porpoising (swimming)

Spy Hop

Poets Cove Cafe

Poets Cove Resort

We had a special private charter this afternoon for a wonderful group from Poets Cove, Bedwell Harbour and were excited at the prospect of seeing Orcas in the wild.

Not long after leaving Bedwell Harbour we arrived on scene near Hanna Heights and immediately started identifying several members of L-pod, who had been found in False Bay this morning by our sister vessels, Supercat. L-pod had met up mid morning with members of J-pod and were moving North in a long line alongside San Juan Island.

We witnessed some spectacular High-Speed Porpoising (swimming) as the pods move steadily north, plus several Spy-Hops. Our guests were delighted to see over 60 Orcas swim past our boat as we sat in awe at such an awesome sight!

Apart from the Orcas we also saw several Porpoise and even a Bald Eagle.

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