Tuesday, June 19, 2012

J-pod near False Bay in the morning! June 15th, 2012

We heard calls on the Lime Kiln hydrophone early this morning and soon Ron Bates, MMRG, had confirmation that J-pod, one of our Resident Orca pods, had been sighted near False Bay, over on San Juan Island.

The Orcas were doing a lot of foraging back and forth along the shore line of San Juan Island. We identified a number of the Orcas including J27 "Blackberry" and J39 "Mako" that were playing around, slightly off-shore of the main group. Whilst watching the Orcas we suddenly saw Mako make a spectacular Cartwheel, that thrilled all our passengers.

We also witnessed some Spyhops and Tail Slaps and some active foraging (hunting) for Salmon. It was a wonderful start to the day:)

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