Saturday, June 16, 2012

J-pod & Transient Orcas in the monring! June 14th, 2012

What a wonderful way to start the day with both Resident and Transient Orcas encountered! We had already received reports of J-pod, one of our Resident Orca pods, being sighted near San Juan Island, heading to Turn Point.

On our way to Turn Point we received a report that 4 Transient Orcas had been encountered in Haro Strait and we caught up with them a little south of Kelp Reef. Ron Bates, MMRG, identified the 4 Orcas as T20, T21, T124 & T124C.

After watching the Transient Orcas for a while we continued north and encountered J-pod near Turn Point. As the Orcas reached Turn Point and entered Boundary Passage, a large deep sea vessel passed by at speed, creating a large wave that the Orcas took great delight in surfing! We also witnessed a number of Breaches by a couple of the Orcas as they moved across Boundary Passage towards Pender Bluffs.

The Orcas continued North throughout the day eventually heading through Active Pass towards Georgia Strait.

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