Thursday, June 07, 2012

Resident Orcas in the mist in the morning! June 1st, 2012

Despite thick fog we managed to find Resident Orcas near Smith Island this morning!  The report had come in early this morning that Orcas had been sighted in Rosario Strait heading south.

As the Orcas got to the bottom end of Lopez Island they decided to turn south into a fog bank but there were boats on scene so we were confident that we would find them. Despite disappearing in the fog banks a few times we did manage to find the Orcas. We managed to identify some of the Orcas including J2 "Granny", J8 "Spieden" and L87 "Onyx".

On our way to the Orcas we even had a brief glimpse of a Minke Whale. We also saw Harbor Porpoise and Pacific Harbor Seals.

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