Thursday, June 28, 2012

J-pod in Haro Strait in the morning! June 21st, 2012

Here area few images from this morning's encounter with J-pod in Haro Strait. We received a report early this morning that J-pod had been sighted in Haro Strait Slowly moving north.

When we arrived on scene the Orcas were just north of Kelp Reef and were in resting formation. When Orcas sleep they gather closely together and surface & dive in synchronicity! It is a very graceful & peaceful movement to observe and can be seen at any time in the day. Only half of an Orcas brain is asleep when they are resting, he other half stays awake and ensures they come to the surface to breath. They can also then stay aware of what is around them.

On our way home we stopped off at the Chain Islets and showed our guests the many Harbor Seals hauled out on the rocks.When we arrived in the Harbour we even saw a Raccoon fishing:)

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