Tuesday, June 19, 2012

J-pod near Andrew's Bay in the afternoon! June 15th, 2012

This afternoon the Orcas had moved north from False Bay and we encountered them near Andrew's Bay. We had a wonderful encounter once again with a number of J-pod members and especially J27 "Blackberry" and his younger brother J39 "Mako". Mako in particular was in a very playful mood and swimming around in circles chasing Salmon. We also saw J28 "Polaris" along with her young calf J46 "Star" who was born in 2009.

On our way to the Orcas we also briefly saw a Minke Whale surface in the middle of Haro Strait. Minke Whales reach up to 35 feet long and can weight up to 10 tons. These Baleen Whales feed on small fish such as Sandlance.

We also stopped at Trial Island where we saw a large number of Harbor Seals, sunning themselves on the rocks.

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