Monday, August 27, 2012

Final evening trip of the season! Aug 25th, 2012

This evening we headed out on our final evening trip of the 2012 season and we could not have asked for a better finale!

The seas were calm the weather was gorgeous and we had a very excited group of guests:) We caught up with the Orcas just a little south west of Race Rocks and they were being very active! We witnessed Spy Hops, Tail Slaps, Pectoral Waves,  breaching and some Porpoising:)

We also heard some incredible vocalizations over our hydrophone, probably some of the best we have heard this season.

After stopping off at Race Rocks to show our guests the hundreds of Sealions and Seals hanging out at there we returned to the Resident Orcas who were now south of Race Rocks.

We watched the Orcas foraging and playing and then the highlight of the evening was a triple breach!

A gorgeous sunset was a fitting finale to the trip, one of the best this season:)

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