Tuesday, August 07, 2012

J-pod & L-pod today! July 26th, 2012

We headed out this morning in thick fog but determined to find Orcas for our guests, and that is exactly what we found! Our Captain Trev, coordinated the search with other boats around the west side of San Juan Island, south of Lime Kiln and sure enough J-pod was found near False Bay. We had an amazing breach and some wonderful encounters with the Resident Orcas whilst we were on scene.
In the afternoon we headed out west towards Race Rocks after receiving a report that L-pod was heading back into the Salish Sea:) We caught up with the Resident Orcas a little south west of Race Rocks and they were moving swiftly East. We had another incredible breach, some nice encounters and even a few spy hops as the Orcas continued to travel east. Apart from the Orcas we also showed our guests lots of Seals & Sea Lions and even a number of Northern Elephant Seals.

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