Tuesday, August 07, 2012

J2 "Granny" & friends near Lime Kiln! July 23, 2012

This afternoon we had a wonderful encounter with Resident Orcas south of Lime Kiln! The Resident Orcas had been hanging around the False Bay to Eagle Pt. area all day and we caught up with them around Hanna Heights. We had just got on scene when we saw J2 “Granny”, the Matriarch of J-pod and the oldest Orcas we have ever known (estimated to have been born in 1911). As we watched J2, she began chasing Salmon and was joined by J8 “Spieden” and a number of other members of J-pod. Watching this 100 year old Orca fishing in the wild was an awesome sight!
We also saw Bald Eagles, Harbor Porpoise and a number of Harbor Seals, many with their new Pups:)

You can see more images at our website or by clicking on the link below;

J2 "Granny" & friends near Lime Kiln! July 23rd

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