Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Humpback Whales & Transient Orcas encountered in the afternoon! Aug 3rd, 2012

This afternoon we headed out again to where we had encountered the Humpback Whales earlier in the day.

As we arrived on scene the one large adult was once again doing lots of luge & bubble feeding near the surface as it foraged for the small bait fish, such as Herring, Smolt or Sand Lance.
After watching the Humpback Whales for a while we headed over towards Race Rocks MPA, to looks at the Seals and Sealions. Whilst we were at Race Rocks we got a report that one of the boats returning to the Harbour from its 2pm tour had spotted a Pod of Transient Orcas almost at the entrance to the Harbour:)

We swiftly made our way to their location and not long after we arrived on scene Ron Bates, MMRG, identified the Orcas as the T30's:) The Orcas were moving westward as we followed them, possibly towards Race Rocks to feed on the many Seals we had just seen there!

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