Monday, August 27, 2012

Playful Humpback Whales in the morning! Aug 25th, 2012

Here are some images from this mornings encounter with two playful Humpback Whales south of Victoria!

We had not received any reports of whales in our area this morning and even though boats had been out since 9am, nothing had been found when we headed out at 10am. However, as we stopped our boat a little west of Race Rocks, our eagle eyed Capt, Trev, spotted 2 blows a little to the south & east! We had managed to find two Humpback Whales:)

The Humpback Whales were being very playful and as we watched we witnessed some incredible Pectoral Slaps & Waves! We also saw the Humpback Whales deep dive and show off their large Tail Flukes as well as do some impressive Tail Slaps. The highlight though was when the two Humpback Whales turned on their sides and did a synchronized Pectoral Wave:)

We also stopped at Race Rocks to show our guests the hundreds of Sea Lions & Seals that can be seen at the Ecological Reserve. What an awesome start to the day!

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