Thursday, August 23, 2012

Superpod off Victoria in the afternoon! Aug 19th, 2012

During our wonderful morning encounter with the Transient Orcas, we got word that Resident Orcas had been sighted out west heading East!

By the time we headed out in the afternoon the Orcas had traveled swiftly east and were already off Victoria waterfront. After a quick stop at Race Rocks, MPA, to show our guests the Sea Lions & Seals that are hanging out there, we caught up with the Resident Orcas west of Constance Bank.

Not long after arriving on scene we soon realized we had all three pods of Resident Orcas forming a Superpod! One of the first Orcas we identified was L41 "Mega" with his sisters, L77 "Matia" with her new calf and L94 "Calypso", with her calf L113 "Cousteau". Later in the trip we also identified members of J-pod, Including J28 "Polaris" with her calf J46 "Star" and K-pod, including K21 "Cappuccino".

As we were watching the Orcas we saw a number of impressive tail slaps, tail lobs, tail slaps and spy hops. However, the highlight was the breaches we saw which were breathtaking! Watching over 80 Resident Orcas is always a thrill but when they are so close to Victoria it is extra special:)

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