Monday, August 27, 2012

Transient Orcas south of Victoria! Aug 24th, 2012

This morning we headed out of Victoria and soon encountered a large pod of Transient Orcas near William Head! Ron Bates from the Marine Mammal Research Group, soon identified the Transient Orcas as the T36A & T36B's plus the T69's.

We followed the Transient Orcas as they moved along the coast from William Head, past Bentinck Island, towards Race Rocks, as the Orcas searched for a suitable prey animals such as a Harbor Seal. After a brief stop at Race Rocks the Transient Orcas then moved to the south East, possibly in search of harbor Porpoise, their other favorite prey!

In the afternoon the Transient Orcas had traveled south of Race Rocks towards Freshwater Bay. We again watched as the Orcas searched for a prey animal and whilst we were on scene we witnessed at least one kill, probably a Harbor Seal.

Watching the top ocean predator hunt is always a fantastic experience.

We also showed our guests the incredible wildlife at Race Rocks MPA, today that included Harbor Seals, Steller Sealions and California Sealions. We also saw a Bald Eagle feasting on a fish on the rocks near Race Rocks.

It was another wonderful day exploring the wonders of the Salish Sea:)

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Unknown said...

This is the Whale watch we went on.This is by far the most amazing and Intellectual cruise by far I have ever experienced.The Marine Biologist Ron, was wonderful along with our Captain and Narrator Andrew.We will go on this again when we come back.These guys are so educated and experienced in what they do.This was so much fun.I cant say enough about these gentleman.This company should salute you all.Thank you for the best experience. Cindy Williams