Thursday, August 30, 2012

Resident orcas playing near San Juan Island! Aug 26th, 2012

We headed out today towards the west side of San Juan Island after Resident Orcas had been heard on Lime Kiln hydrophone by Ron Bates, MMRG, early this morning.

When we arrived on scene the Resident Orcas were spread between False Bay and Lime Kiln. We headed to False Bay and caught up with members of L-pod including L79 "Skanna" and L41 "Mega", with his two sisters L77 "Matia" and L94 "Calypso" with their calves.

In the afternoon the Resident Orcas had moved a little offshore of Salmon Bank and were being very playful. We saw spy hops, tail lobs porpoising and breaches! During our tour we had a nice encounter with several of the Orcas including K21 "Cappuccino".

It was another wonderful day on the water!

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