Monday, August 13, 2012

Wonderful encounter with Humpback Whales near Victoria! Aug 4th, 2012

Here are a few images from our wonderful encounters with Humpback Whales near Victoria!
It was a beautiful day on the water with calm seas, sunny skies and lots of Whales & other Wildlife:) We encountered the Humpback Whales a few miles to the South East of Race Rocks MPA and they were being very active. We saw tail flukes, Pectoral waves, plus bubble & lunge feeding. One of the Humpback Whales, even Spy hopped as it took a good luck around, possibly looking for other Humpback Whales that could be in the area.
We also saw a large number of Steller & California Sealions, Harbor Seals and Northern Elephant Seals.

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