Saturday, September 12, 2009

J, K and members of Lpod in the morning! Sept 11th, 2008.

We headed out to the west coast of San Juan Island this morning where we encountered members of L-pod including the L12's. We were the only boat on scene from Victoria and had a wonderful time watching L-pod including L12, L41 and others move south.

Next we headed north towards Lime Kiln and our captain Trev, spotted more members of L-pod a few miles off-shore moving North. We had a nice encounter with Skana as he was traveling through the straight.

Then we caught up with J & K-pod who had traveled through Oak Bay and were now near Kelp Reef. As we sat watching the Orcas we noticed a large wave created by one of the deep seas and suddenly the Orcas began surfing in the waves, what an incredible sight!

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