Thursday, September 10, 2009

J & L-pod off Victoria in the morning:) Sept 9, 2009.

This morning we had only been out of the harbour for 10 minutes when reports came in that J & L-pod had been sighted nearby passing Victoria:) In calm seas and sunny skies we sat with our engines off as members of J and L-pod swam by, it was awesome!

The Orcas swam right by Victoria and past Trial Island on their way to Discovery Island as they made their way East towards San Juan Island.

We also had chance this morning to visit race Rocks MPA, where we saw both Steller and California Sealions as well as Harbor Seals.

As we were heading home we also had a very brief glimpse of a Humpback Whale!

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Anonymous said...

My husband & I were on this tour. The whales were just beautiful to see. We recommend it to everyone. Thanks to everyone aboard
5startwhales for a wonderful morning.