Thursday, September 10, 2009

J-pod and members of L-pod in the afternoon! Sept 9, 2009.

This afternoon we headed towards the west side of San Juan Island after receiving reports that both J & L-pod were sighted there. On our way to the Orcas we encountered a playful group of Dall's Porpoise and a number began to play in our bow wave:) Dall's Porpoise are amongst the fastest Cetaceans in the ocean and can reach speeds of 50+ kph!!

We then continued on our way and soon sighted J1 "Ruffles", the oldest male in the Southern Resident Orca pods at 58. J1 was swimming with a Female from L-pod, L7 "Canuck".

As we sat watching J1 swim by we suddenly saw several breaches by one of the youngsters!

It was another amazing day on the water:)

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