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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2009, Afternoon Trip, Bewitched, Bedazzled & Bewildered

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2009, Afternoon Trip, Bewitched, Bedazzled & Bewildered

WC Fields is quoted as saying 'If you don't want to be upstaged or embarrassed, never work with children or animals'.

Well, we at Five Star Whale Watching are always very aware of this, and that is why we do not use the "G word"..... i.e. "Guaranteed". When you are dealing with multi-variants like weather, tide, current, animal behaviour, etc., it is impossible to "guarantee" what you might see much less what they might be doing when you get to them!

Also, we never want to forget that the mystery, the magic, of seeing incredible wildlife in the waters off of Victoria. In many jurisdictions they make a living showing visitors just one of the many species of creatures that we are lucky enough to regularly see here.

We try to take our passengers out of the mindset of living in an artifically controlled and manipulated environment: The greatest gift we can offer our passengers is the experience of getting away from our man-made World and into Nature, a place where we have no choice but to admit that we are mere observers.

This afternoon Five Star Whale Watching fully experienced this setting of our Human place within the Universe. The Orcas that we watched just hours earlier today swam very quickly out of our range heading over 40 miles to the Northeast: Then the Humpback Whale that we had been tracking from several miles away went for a 9-minute dive and.... disappeared from sight.

Eight boats then engaged in a "grid search" covering about 10 sq miles (28 sq km). No sign of the Humpback.

We did see over 100 Steller & California Sea Lions at Race Rock Marine Protected Area (MPA). See for live video, plus history and background of the Science of this unique marine environment.

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