Sunday, August 23, 2009

Evening encounter with T63 "Chainsaw" and friends! Aug 22nd, 09.

Here are just a few images from this evenings encounter with T63 "Chainsaw" and friends. The Orcas had been traveling steadily west and we caught up with T63 and the other 4 or five Transients just by Albert Head. The Orcas were close to shore moving in the Kelp beds in search of unsuspecting Harbor Seals. Harbor Seals are the main prey for most of the Transient Orcas that visit the area, though they will also take Porpoise and even Sealions.

The group continued on their way until they reached Haystock, which is a popular haul out for Harbor Seals. When they reached Haystock T63, T41A & T41B circled the rocks with several Harbor Seals looking on in fear. We believe we did witness one possible kill but everything happened fast and below the surface!

We also stopped by Race Rocks to look at the increasing number of California and Steller Sealions. It was a great way to end another memorable trip!

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