Monday, August 03, 2009

Humpback Whale! Aug 2nd, 2009.

Here are a few images from today's encounter with a Humpback Whale. The crew on our 12.30pm tour found this Humpback in the middle of the Strait of Juan De Fuca! We had received reports from the earlier boats that there were no other Whales remaining in our area. So we had the job of finding some type of Cetacean to show our passengers and our experienced crew did just that, finding a Humpback Whale a few miles south of Victoria:) I was able to correctly identify that this Humpback Whale had been sighted in the area in previous years and it was nice to see the Whale had returned once again.

For a while we were the only boat on scene as most of the fleet was preparing for their 2.00pm tours. As other boats arrived on scene we left the Humpback to venture over to Race Rocks and though it was shrouded in fog we did see several Northern Elephant Seals, Harbor Seals and both California and Stellar Sealions:)

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