Sunday, August 23, 2009

Transient Orcas in the afternoon! August 23rd, 09.

Here are just a few images of this afternoons encounters with 3 different groups of Transient Orcas! The first group we encountered in Rosario Strait, a few miles south of Bird Rock. We had been tracking these Orcas for a number of hours hoping they would come within our range and by mid afternoon we heard that is exactly what they did.

However, not long after we arrived on scene we heard that another group of Transient Orcas, the T10's, had been sighted near Middle Bank so we headed there to take a closer look. The T10's were close to the shore as we arrived hunting for Harbor Seals. T10, a female born in 1963, has a distinctive notch in the lower part of her dorsal fin that helps to identify her.

We were then on our way back to Victoria when we heard of a group of Transients being sighted near Sidney Spit and another group close by at Beaumont Shoals! Suddenly we had Transient Orcas everywhere:) Just as we arrived on scene with the group at Beaumont Shoals we could see they were finishing off a recent kill. The group then began to move South East, towards the T10 group we had just left. We could see two Calfs in the groups as well as 4-5 females, then suddenly T31 popped up from no where much to our delight! T31 is a male born in 1954 and usually sighted alone, so seeing him with another group was a treat. T31 is one of the most ferocious Harbor Seal killers we have seen in the Salish Sea!

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