Sunday, August 16, 2009

L-pod in the morning & afternoon! Aug 15th, 09.

Here are a few images from this mornings & afternoons encounters with L-pod.

Today we had the good fortune to have two wonderful trips where we encountered L-pod near Lime Kiln State Park. In the morning we first headed south of Victoria and had an amazing encounter with a group of bow-riding Dall's Porpoise. Then we headed over to the west side of Lime Kiln where we encountered L41 "Mega" and most of L-pod who were milling around the shore line.

During our afternoon tour we witnessed L-pod moving rapidly north along San Juan Island as they may have been able to hear the calls of J & K-pod who were further north. We witnessed several impressive cartwheels whilst we observed L-pod. As the Orcas approached Lime Kiln Lighthouse you could see several people crowded on the shoreline trying to get a glimpse of the Orcas, there were also several kayakers and we saw one Orca spyhop close to the kayakers!

It was another memorable day on the water:)

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