Thursday, October 08, 2015

Aug 1st - Resident Orcas & a Humpback!

Aug 1st – Resident Orcas & a Humpback!

Orcas off Victoria
Humpback off Victoria
a Humpback
Today our tours had ecounters with Resident Orcas & a Humpback! In the morning the Orcas were near Oak Bay Flats heading towards the San Juan Islands. We witnessed close formation swimming in various martilines plus some breaching and spyhops. During our afternoon encounter the Orcas had moved over to the west side Of San Juan Island and we watched them foraging in the rip tides. We also got to see some breaching and tail slaps :)
The Humpback Whale was encountered a little east of Seabird Point during both trips. We also got to see a large amount of Harbor Seas with Pups and Porpoise. It was a wonderful day on the water :)
If you would like to see more images from today’s tours click on  the following link;

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