Thursday, October 08, 2015

Sept 3rd - Resident Orcas at Turn Pt!

Sept 3rd – Resident Orcas at Turn Point!

Resident Orcas at Turn Point!
Resident Orcas at Turn Point!
Today we encuntered Resident Orcas just as they arrived at Turn Point and then began breaching, spy hopping and tail slapping :) When the Orcas get to Turn Point they have a decide which direction they are going to travel. They will either go left traveling east through Boundary Pass until they reach the Strait of Georgia where they will then head to the mouth of the Fraser River. Alternatively they will travel North up Swanson Channel until they reach Active Pass which they will then swim through to get to Georgia Strait. However, sometimes they will turn around and retrace their path  back along Haro Strait. This will be decided by the Matriarchs of the pod, as it is the older females that are in charge. Orcas will travel up to 100 miles in just 24 hours in search of their favourite food.
You can see more pictures from this encounter by clicking on the following link;

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