Thursday, October 08, 2015

July 10th – Resident Orcas all day!

San Juan Island Whale Watching
Resident Orcas Breaching!
Today we had encounters with Resident Orcas on both our tours once again and it was a fantastic day! In the morning the Orcas were just east of Victoria Harbor and were making their way towards San Juan Island. We identified the Orcas as a mix of J & Kpod. The Orcas were close together in two groups as they slowly made their way past the Victoria waterfront :) In the afternoon the Orcas had spread out and were foraging along the west side of San Juan Island, looking for Salmon. We got to see L87 “Oynx”, K26 “Lobo” and J2 “Granny” amongst many others. At one point we were the only boat following Granny and another female and then suddenly Granny breached!!!! The old girl still has some spunk 😉 We also got to see a number of Harbor Seal’s & their new born Pups today.
If you would like to see more images from today’s tours please click on the link below;

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