Friday, October 09, 2015

Sept 21st AM - Resident Orcas heading west!

Sept 21st AM – Resident Orcas heading west!

Resident Orcas heading west
Resident Orcas heading west
This morning we encountered Resident Orcas heading west at Beechey Head. We identified at least Jpod & members of Kpod and they were spread out with others seen even further off shore. Jpod was mostly in resting mode slowly travelling towards the west and pointed at Sooke. We did get to see some spy hops and tail slaps as they moved along. Among the adults we could see the three Jpod babies, J50, J51 & J52 :)We also witnessed some foraging, especially from the members of Kpod including K22 “Sekiu” and K37 “Rainshadow”.
On our way home we stopped of at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where we encountered some very playful Steller & California Sea Lions. We also encountered Harbor & Northern Elephant Seals and then in among the Bull Kelp we spotted our friendly Sea Otter lounging around :)
Here are a few images by Marine Naturalist Jenna from today;
Here are a few other images by Marine Naturalist Andrew just from this morning;

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