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Aug 24th - Transient & Resident Orcas!

Aug 24th – Transient & Resident Orcas!

Victoria Whale Watching
Transient & Resident Orcas
Resident Orca
K21 – Cappuccino
Transient Orcas
Whale Watching Victoria
Transient & Resident Orcas
Male Orca
Male Orca
This morning we encountered Transient & Resident Orcas! The Transient Orcas were identified as the TO101’s/TO102 and we encountered them near Gordon Head heading north East. This group consists of a female TO101 born in 1973, a male TO102 born in 1984, another male TO101A born in 1993 and finally another male TO101B born on 1997. TO101A & TO101B are known to be the sons of TO101 and it is believe TO102 may also be her son.
We encountered the Resident Orcas around Lime Kiln and they were spread from the shoreline out about a mile off shore. The resident’s comprised of J & Kpod, including our friend K21 Cappuccino :) We had K21 and a handful of others offshore but also a large group closer to shore heading north towards Lime Kiln.
This afternoon we had a beautiful encounter with Resident Killer Whales off the west side of San Juan Island. Our encounter started with the “Cookie Crew”, members of Jpod that includes J34 “DoubleStuf”, J22 “Oreo” and J38 “Cookie”. We also encountered J19 “Shachi” and her calf J41 “Eclipse”. During our encounter we also came across K26 “Lobo”, K14 “Lea” and other members of Kpod.
We also got to see Harbor Porpoise and lots of Harbor Seals today, including some Seal Pups
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