Thursday, October 08, 2015

July 9th - Humpback Whale out west!

July 9th – Humpback Whale out west!

Humpback Whale near Victoria
Humpback Whale
Victoria whale watching
Humpback near Victoria
Whale Watching in BC
Tail fluke
This afternoon we had a great encouner with a Humpback Whale out west! This particular Humpback has been seen wandering around the Salish Sea for a few weeks now and this time we encountered the Whale near Church Rocks, just west of Race Rocks. We got to see its large Tail Fluke a number of times as the Whale made a deep dive. It also surfaced a couple of times just over 100 feet from our boat, thrilling our passengers. Humpback Whales are the largest whales we see on a consistent basis in our area and their comeback is so exciting to see as each year we get more and more returning to the Salish Sea :)
We also got to see a Bald Eagle as well as several Harbor Seals and even a California Sea Lion at Race Rocks.
You can see more images from today’s encounter at the link below;

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