Thursday, October 08, 2015

July 27th PM - Resident Orcas & Humpbacks this afternoon!

July 27th PM – Resident Orcas & Humpbacks this afternoon!

Victoria WHale Watching
Resident Orcas
Victoria whale watching
Humpback near Victoria
This afternoon Resident Orcas were encountered heading east just west of Race Rocks and we also encountered a number of Humpback Whales! The report came in late in the morning that Orcas had been spotted out west heading towards Sooke. By the time we headed out for our afternoon tour the Orcas had continued to travel east and we located them not far from the Humpbacks we had encountered in the morning :) We witnessed tail slaps, pectoral waves, sharking (when the Orca shows just the tip of its dorsal fin above water as it travels at high speed) and spy hops. At one stage the Orcas & Humpback passed within 100m of each other but continued on their separate ways. As we were close to Race Rocks we once again got to show our guests this incredible Ecological Reserve and the amazing Marine Mammals that call Race Rocks home.
You can see more images from this incredible encounter by clicking on the link below;

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