Friday, October 09, 2015

Sept 22nd PM - Afternoon with overjoyed Resident Orcas!

Sept 22nd PM – Afternoon with overjoyed Resident Orcas!

Resident Orcas
Resident Orcas
We spent the afternoon with overjoyed Resident Orcas near Open Bay and the Orcas included new calf L122! This afternoon we had a wonderful encounter with members of Lpod near Open Bay. The members of Lpod includied the brand new calf L122 who is just a few weeks old! We got to see some great socializing as the Orcas traveled south from Kellett Bluffs toward Lime Kiln. We got to witness pectoral slaps, breaching and porpoising (high speed swimming). The highlight was seeing little L122 tooked between her mother L91 and Grandmother L47, porpoising down the west side of San Juan Island, so cute smile emoticon We also got to see Minke Whale, Porpoise and Harbor Seals today on another perfect day in the Salish Sea!

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