Thursday, October 08, 2015

July 24th - Magnificent day with Resident Killer Whales!

July 24th – Magnificent Day with Resident Killer Whales!

Resident Killer whales
Resident Killer whales
Today despite the rain we had another magical day with Resident Orcas off San Juan Island! The rain did not stop play today as the Orcas were in a very playful mood, especially the youngsters:) We got to see tail slaps & breaching as well as some porpoising today. The Orcas could also be seen doing a lot of foraging, hunting for Salmon, throughout the day. We got to see several member of Jpod including J26 “Mike”, J16 “Slick”, her calf J50, J36 “Alki” and her calf J52, plus many others.
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