Friday, October 09, 2015

Sept 25th - Multiple Humpbacks Near Race!

Sept 25th – Multiple Humpbacks near Race!

Multiple Humpbacks near Race
Multiple Humpbacks near Race!
Today we had multiple Humpbacks near Race Rocks! We got to see some beautiful tail flukes as the Humpbacks dived as well as some gorgeous back lit blows. Over the course of our tour we counted at least 4 different Humpbacks and possibly two more. At Race Rocks we encountered Steller Sea Lions, California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals and Northern Elephant Seals. We also got to see some large bait balls (schooling fish) that are the reason the Humpback move into the strait at this time of the year. A rare sighting of a Bald Eagle also had our guests excited today. Most of the Eagles have moved to local rivers to feed on the Salmon that are spawning there. Goldstream Park is one of the best local rivers to see this incredible phenomenon!
It was a cool but gorgeous day on the water!
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