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Sept 19th - Lpod & a Humpback at Sheringham!

Sept 19th – Lpod & a Humpback at Sheringham!

Resident Orcas
Resident Orcas
Today we encountered members of Lpod & a Humpback by Sheringham Lighthouse! We first saw the Humpback a little to the south east of the Lighthouse and it was heading east.  We saw it tail fluke as it went on a deep dive so we continued on our way west. Just west of Sheringham Lighthouse we encountered several members of Lpod including L54, L108, L117, L88 and L84. L54 is the Matriarch and was born in 1977. She has two children, L108 (male) who was born in 2006 and L117 who was born in 2010 and was just recently identified as a male :)  The other two Orcas, were L88 (male) born in 1993 and L84 (male) born in 1990. We got to see some great action as the Orcas hunted for Chinook Salmon and we could see they were working together to trap the fish!
It is not often we get so far west but it was so worth is for the incredible scenery, getting to see Sheringham Lighthouse, plus so much amazing marine life. On our way home we stopped off at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve and encountered Stellar & California Sea Lions, Harbor Seals and Northern Elephant Seals. As if all that was not enough we also got to see a gorgeous late afternoon sky over Race Rocks as we headed home :)
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