Friday, October 09, 2015

Sept 24th - Jpod & a Humpback Whale

Sept 24th – Jpod & a Humpback Whale!

Humpback Whale
Today we encountered Jpod & a Humpback Whale off San Juan Island! We saw J2 “Granny”, J34 “DoubleStuf” and several other members of Jpod. We got to see a lot of foraging for Salmon, Tail Slaps and spy hops during our time with Jpod today. The Humpback Whale we encountered was moving between several large bait balls. In the middle of one of the large bait balls a Harbor Seal appeared and then popped its head out of the water to say hello :) As we were watching Jpod later in the trip we saw a brief Breach by the Humpback Whale we had been watching earlier way off in the distance but the splash it created could be seen for many miles!
It was another great day in the Salish Sea :)
To see more images from this wonderful encounter click on the following link;

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